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Skin cancer

Many of the patients attending CSI GPs are referred because of a concern about skin cancer.  Our doctors are trained to recognise the early signs of the various types of skin cancer and can provide reassurance, diagnosis and treatment. 

As many as 12,000 people in Ireland develop a non-melanoma skin cancer each year and 1,000 will have melanoma. For these patients, access to a GP with experience in sorting out the innocent from the more serious sorts of skin lesion is vital. 

This is an important part of what CSI GPs do. They can provide dermoscopic  skin examination  as well as biopsy to determine the exact nature of any suspect lesion. Many cases can be treated with creams, cryosurgery or surgical removal. Depending on the size, the location and type of skin cancer, the surgical approach will vary and may involve staged excision, skin flap or skin graft.

Suspected melanoma skin cancer will be referred urgently by CSI GPs to expert colleagues for urgent assessment in accordance with the National Cancer Control Programme guidelines.

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